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CryptoGive is the missing link between philanthropy and cryptocurrency. Ethereum and cryptocurrencies like it are growing at an exponential rate ? but charitable organizations lack the technology, confidence, and understanding to accept cryptocurrency as payment ?. At CryptoGive our mission is to use this new form of currency for good ❤️. The annual market size of charitable giving totals to over $398 billion in the United States alone ?. We work with two market leaders, OrgHunter and MakeMyDonation, to provide an easy platform for cryptocurrency users to donate ?. Through this partnership, this groundbreaking application will instantly expose 1.5 million US-based charities to an untapped revenue source and will ever-change crypto’s role in the vast world of philanthropy ?.

What’s been done so far ✔️

  • Created a chat-based intelligent app inside of Token that accepts Ethereum donations from users and allows them to search all 1.5 million charities. ✔️
  • We partnered with MakeMyDonation to send transactions to respective charities. ✔️
  • We partnered with OrgHunter and we’re using their API for data on 1.5 million charities. ✔️
  • We’re using to store data on transactions. ✔️

Short Term Goals ?

  • Create the website to easily donate to all 1.5 million charities using Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. ?
  • Work with MakeMyDonation and CoinBase Merchant Tools to instantly convert donations into USD and store data about each transaction. MakeMyDonation will have access to the wallet and distribute donations. ?
  • Create a CryptoGive iOS application that allows for quick and easy crypto donations. ?
  • Work with exchanges to minimize fees for philanthropy-based transactions. ?

Long Term Goals ?

  • Accept donations for all alt-coins. ?
  • Create a positive image for cryptocurrency as a whole. ?
  • Become the #1 application for all cryptocurrency donations. ?

To try out the Token application:

  1. Download Token by Bluxome Labs on iOS or Android
  2. Scan the QR code below from inside of the app.